Thursday, April 9, 2009

hard goods or hard cash

Let me say right up front that I do believe you should have some cash stashed for the coming events, but I also believe that if things get chaotic, cash will not have as much value as hard goods.

BY hard goods I,m talking about useful metals like iron, tin, copper,wood boards or ply wood and the like.

Considering the shape of the world economy today and most particularly here in America, and all the talk of the Amero or a world currency replacing our dollar, just doesn't lend it self, to the creditability of the paper currency, and that's aside from the fact that paper just doesn't hold up under the harsh conditions we may soon face.

In an earlier paper I listed some of the trade goods that would be of value in a chaotic society, I guess this amounts to an extension of that list. With the prices of metals dropping as they did most of the items in the following discussion are available free or at most a very modest price. Ill start at the top and work down from there.


First with gold hovering at around $900 an ounce it is already out of reach for most of us, but if you have the cash then by all means buy some gold, and I don't mean paper gold, or gold futures.
You should have learned from the stock market and mortgage markets, they are just a paper shuffling scam run by the banksters who let you dabble a little until the decide to take all.

Buy real gold, coins are available from 1/10 oz. up to the most familiar 1 oz, i strongly recommend some 1/10 oz. coins because if the country self destructs you don't want to give a $2000 Krugerrand away for a sack of potatoes. You may need fast access to your gold so a bank is probably not the place, since they will be closed with your gold in their vault. If you can afford to buy gold then you can also afford to have a hidden safe installed, or better yet install it your self, the guy you hire to install it, and his friends will know where to find you and the safe if the shtf. I'm sure you know not to buy jewelry so I won't even go there. Try to buy the gold as close to spot as you can, it is getting hard to find at less then 10% over spot but shop around it can be found at 3% to 4% over spot.

I suggested earlier, to stay away from jewelery, let me clarify that statement a little. Tough times are already here for many of us so if you know what you are doing buying jewelry at pawn prices isn't necessarily all bad, a plain gold wedding band for example could buy food or be used for barter for smaller items worth less than that 1/10 oz coin.


Silver has many more uses then gold, like medicine, industrial, and as primers for explosives so I would recommend a good portion of your precious metals budget be in silver. I have no inside info supporting this it just makes sense to me. It will allow you to purchase or trade in smaller increments, and if the world falls apart will be in higher demand than gold I believe, just a gut feeling.

Silver coins demand a premium price so I'm not too crazy about them as a survival tool when a one oz. silver bar will bring the same result as a silver dollar. You can buy the bar at spot +, the silver dollar is going to cost you spot +++ . I do though recommend a few rolls of silver dimes for the same reason as the 1/10 oz. gold coin, for smaller purchases or trades. If you attend yard sales keep your eye out for Sterling jewelry many times the person doing the yard sale is not aware Sterling is 90% + silver and can be bargained down to a very good price.


Copper will be in demand because it resists bacteria, and is very easy to work with without the use of heavy duty machinery, or machining tools. Copper can be melted in a camp fire and forged into many useful tools or weapons. Copper sheeting can easily be hammered in to pots and pans ,weapons and many other items. Copper tubing will be vvaluable in many different sizes for use in purification systems, water filters, and stills for producing alcohol, Alcohol will be a valuable commodity, for use as medicine, sterilisation, fuel, and of course to drink.

Lead in my opinion could replace gold or silver as a trade commodity, for obvious reasons.
Ammunition is already scarce and getting harder to find every day.


Steel will be an obvious asset for trade and use in making weapons, tools, and shields against assault. All forms of steel will be useful, sheet, plate, and angle.


Iron will Cary the same uses as steel but will be easier to work with if your tool chest is not as ample, iron can be welded with a 12 v battery and a coat hanger.


Iron pipe of various sizes will be valuable to repair and build water systems, wells, building material and many other uses.


Conduit will be useful in the above applications , plus crude but effective weapons can easily be made from conduit pipe.


tin sheeting will be useful as a building and building repair commodity.


Auto parts for repair of autos will have many obvious uses, plus some not so obvious, alternators can be used to generate small amounts of electricity, and batteries are a good source of both acid and lead, as well as storing small amounts of electricity in each battery. Batteries can easily be rebuilt and with several to store electricity can run a house or several other machines.


Bicycles will be very valuable both as transportation and to power generators, alternators and many other machines.


magnesium is very useful when mixed with iron oxide as a way to melt steel, or any thing else for that matter.


The many uses of aluminium is so useful I really don't even go into it at this point.

Hope you find this useful Jerico

Monday, April 6, 2009

survive and thrive under marshall law

In every day conversation with like minded folks, and most especially on the alternative news net sites I constantly hear the fog horn voice of those who proclaim those words of posterity, "OUT OF MY COLD DEAD HANDS" well guess what folks those words are very true, if need be they will kill you to take those guns, food,

If you think the IRS or your local gung ho cop is hard to deal with, I've got news for ya, you ain't seen nothin yet. Just wait until you face a group of testosterone motivated 18 year olds with loaded M 16s at a check point. Science has proven that the human male brain is not capable of total rational thought until at least the age of 25, that's why the military uses those 18, 19 and 20 yr olds to do the grunt work.
they will be the ones Manning the check points, and conducting the weapons, and contraband searches. To reiterate my thought on bravery 'it's not the one who dies for his ideals that is the winner but the one who causes the other guy to die for his." In that vein, following are a few tips on how to cope under Marshall law.

First and foremost be sure that your stock of food and other essentials are in good order, travel will be extremely restricted, and most probably dangerous. Do not under any circumstances do any thing to draw attention to you or your family, no flashy jewelry, fancy cloths or kids playing battery operated toys in the back seat. Remember you always want to be known as just another starving citizen just trying to survive. Never never Carry any thing that can be construed as a weapon of any kind., pocket knife, scissors, screw driver ect.

Always have any necessary paper work ready to present in a neat orderly packet.

Never look a posted guard directly in the eye, chances are they will be nervous and frightened of you, and a perceived threatening look or attitude from you will not result in a friendly response, and most times will result in an undesired one.

If approaching a check point in a vehicle, always approach very slowly unless otherwise directed.

Roll the driver window down , and if there is a guard on each side of the car roll the passenger window down also.

Always be polite, and comply with all requests, with out argument, and in a careful deliberate manor. (remember you are not at that moment a free thinker but a thankful compliant sheeple)

When given a pass slowly drive away from the location. They won't appreciate rocks and dirt spun up on their spit shined boots.


Here the process is much the same. The chances are it will either be a hotter or colder experience than a drive through and therefore, more stressful. Be patient exasperation will only draw unwanted notice and response.

Do not resist a pat down, or frisk as some call it.

After passing the check point do not look back, they will think you got away with something, and this will again draw unwanted attention.


Remember that under Marshall law you have no personal or property rights.

Be sure that all weapons in the house are "legal" any others should have long ago been stashed in a safe place. If they find any that are not legal you probably won't have time to pack a bag before they drag you off to the camp, or worse to prison.

Do not have any ammo for any weapon that is not legal where it can be found, this will immediately result in a complete search of your property, and a grueling interrogation, and possible incarceration.

Have on hand in the house only three days to a weeks worth of food and water, the rest should be stashed.

Remember that all excess food, tools, ammo, or other needed items will be considered contraband and will most probably label you as a black marketeer, and barter under Marshall law will be considered blackmarketeering and could be punishable by imprisonment or execution.

These are the basics of survival under Marshall law, I am fully aware that these rules are distasteful and hard to swallow, but they are necessary if you are to survive to help rebuild your great country when the time is right.

live to fight another day