Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I digress

I must tell you I thought I had grown beyond my "jew" bashing days but every time I read some new transgression, of these elitist bankers, who are bleeding my country dry, the same ethnic names seem to magicly apear. Is this by design to throw us off the track and give us a visable enemy at wich to vent our anger and frustrations. I'm sorry but I personaly don't think the jewish race or community , or what ever you choose to call it, is that nieve, or stupid.

Don't try to dismiss me as an "antisemite" or through ridicule, the standard tactic to attempt to make me irrelivant, I am not attacking the race, or ethnic group as a whole, I'm sure there are some mighty fine jewish american citizens out there who are just as disscusted as I at what is going on in the financial institutions. I just don't see many of them comeing forward and standing tall against the rape of our country. Hear my voice loud and clear, any one who doesn't stand with us is against us. The time to stand by with a wait and see atitude is past. We are in a struggle to save our country and our way of life.

I have a 15 year old son and 7 year old daughter that, already, will never see the freedoms that I saw as a child growing up in south west Iowa. The freedom of beeing able to ride across town on my bike to meet and play with friends, or even to play in the front yard without fear of some perverted molester or searial killer snatching them up to never be seen alive again or untill someone finds their decomposed mutilated body in a ditch somewhere, to shoot off fire works, real fireworks, at forth of july to celibrate that freedom, to tip over long abandon out houses on holloween, or to throw the rifle in the truck so I could go hunting or target shooting along the railroad tracks after school with my friends.

I fully realize those are bygone days never to be seen again, but for your own sake and for the sake of your children wake up.

The story about AIG giving hundreds of millions of dollars of our childrens money to failed, greedy, incompitant, execs who run that company as bonuses. This very morning I wake up to a story about Citi group and Goldman Saks trying to find a way arround the restrictions on our bail out gift to them so they could give millions or billions to their "incompitant" failures they call their best and brightest. Then it occured to me mabe these thieves really are their best and brightest, and they are want to be rewarded for doing an excellent and, dilligent job, the job of stealing every last penney they could from the American people and people of other lands arround the world.

I heard an analogy some where receintly comparing the money grubbers to termites, the termite is eating away at the foundation of a house and a fellow termite tells him to stop eating the support beam or the house will fall, and the glutinous termite turns to his fellow and says, so what, theres another house right next door. Its a sickness or an inbread desiese, I dont know which, it seems they just cant stop untill every last penney is gone.

I don't really think it's all the fault of "the Jews" but there certainly seems to be an inordanant number of people who call themselves "jew" involved in every aspect of the pending ruin of our free society, the education system, the news media, films, news papers, every, nook and craney that guides and directs our society. Don't take my word for it, do the research it there in plain view for all to see.

If there is in fact, other powers behind these people with a strangle hold on our freedom, as some claim, like the Masons, the Pope, Jesuits or whom ever, then you who are in the forefront had better stand, and those others who profess to be the "real jews" had better stand up and be counted with the rest of us. Ther are none in a better position to ferrit out those thieves who hide among you, or behind you than you yourselves, so I call out to you stand with us, now is your chance to be counted among the real americans I have little use for hyphonated americans and I believe it is one of the factors in devideing this great nation. In times past "the glory days" so to speak people came from all parts of the world to this country and worked hard and studied hard to earn the "privilage" to be called Americans, that is long in the past now I am told they want to be called Mexican-American, African-American, Italian American or what ever, and I take and make particular point that American takes secound position in those designations, I say to you here and now if it isn't good enough for you to be just an ordinary American then I say to you get the hell out of our country....now.


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