Saturday, March 14, 2009


Not since the thick , dark dust clouds of the thirtys , or the horrers of WW2, Viet Nam, present day conflicts or the terrifying threat of total nuclear annihilation have we faced such potential death and distruction, to ourselves our country or the world. We are on a waterslide to the bottom with no way to get off, and like it or not you, your children, and grandchildren are along for the ride.

Those who rule this world have made the desision to strip you of any wealth, comfort, and freedom you thought was your " god" given right. The takers of these presious posessions come under many names, from many nations and in all colors and creeds. Some blame the "jewish" bankers,others the elitist leaders of the various nations. Names like Builderburger, illuminati, Jesuits, Muslims, Rockafeller, and Rothschild are bandied about , all these and more have become main stream, and the focus of various groups of those looking for someone to blame. The blame is not theirs, they only take advantage of an opertunity, an opertunity to rob us of our wealth, well being,and freedom.....our future.

We are to blame, you and I and billions of others around the world who were too busy getting our share of the "dream", or watchinf the NFL, NASCAR or other fantisy tripe served to us on the "BOOB" tube twenty four hours a day on hundreds of channels. It isnt called the "boob" tube because of the well endowed women who permiate prime time.

We were to distracted to watch the "cash box" or those stripping us of our rights. We were too busy watching TV, or playing War Craft or watching Porn on the computer to keep an eye on those entrusted with our money, our freedom, and our future.

Case in point bernard "the thieving rat" madoff (I refuse to honor that name with capitalization or use the teddy bear name Bernie like a warm fuzzy uncle) should be charged with murder for the suicides and destroyed familys that lay in his wake. He should be exicuted with a 50 cent bullet in his brain and dropped to the gutter where he belongs in stead Im sure he will get as comfortable a cell in as comfortable a country club "prison" as they can arrange, with the rest of his kind.

Let's take a closer look. How can some one like him under the supposed scruitny of "the securities and exchange "watch dogs" (I think the "dogs" part is right) get away with such a gigantic ponzi scheem for over thirty years when they were able to catch Martha Stewart for example on a private phone call from a friend?
Give me a fricken brake. Could it be that there were Billions involved in leu of a paultry $50,000 or so.

I chose bernard "the rat" only because he is the one on the front page and on the 6:oo news. Believe me folks he's only a "sacrificial lamb" to be thrown to the wolves, to draw atention from the real thievs, and yes the elite do think of us as meare animals, or sheep to be more presice to be led any direction they desire.

T he real treasure the have stolen is not even the money, they already had that eons ago with the FED central bank, they only let you play with a small portion of it from time to time like a childs toy, to keep you occupied while they stole your freedom and your country.

The constitution has been replaced by presidential directives, open boarders, and a congress concerned for the most part staying in power, and the perks and ego that go with their position. Your freedoms and your representation has been replaced with alphabet agencies who will make all the "right"decisions for the "sheeple" excuse me I mean people, agencys like FEMA, and DHS. ( Bush/Obummer et. al. same old game they just replaced the pitcher) has vowed to make the "government" streamlined, more efficient, more effective, more compact and to eliminate those departments that are inefficient or in effective.

Look for the following changes to take place (if by the time of this publication they havent already) after all with the smooth snake oil salesman at the top and us asleep at the wheel it will only make sence to the uninformed masses.

Bureau of land management will be moved to DHS, after all it only makes sence that home land security should make sure all public and private lands are secure from "the enemy"
Houseing and urban development will be moved to FEMA gotta make sure all you folks have a "secure" place to live.

Department of agriculture could go either way FEMA so it would have access to the food supply in case of national emergency or DHS so it can protect the food supply from "the enemy, both can be presented as very logical solutions to protecting food supply and distribution.

National guard will be "Nationalised" under FEMA so it can readily available for future national or regional disasters. They will use the fiasco at Katrina to show the "local officials" are not prepaired to utilize them properly or quickly enough due to the conspicous absence of Ray "head for the hills "Nagin.

Those agencys that control fuel, petrolium, and electric power will be placed under DHS as they are stratigic entities.

The military will of cource be placed under DHS after all we are concerned with "homelamd security"

I could continue down the list but by now you should have the point.
sounds like a good efficient move, why should you be cocerned? Our system of government was set up with many redundant safe guards to protect our freedoms, and our rights. The more those in power can consolidate that power the stronger they get and the weaker we become, and fewer roadblocks in their way to use that power as they choose.

Any one member of the triad ( the president, the head of DHS and the director of FEMA) can declare marshal law at any time they choose and for what ever threat the y preceive. Congress will be held powerless along with the rest of us because of the consolidations of power listed above. Once marshal law is declared the constitution bill of rights or any other rights you think you have are imedeatly suspended.

Testing of the tollarence of the American people to have armed American military troups on the ground in America is already takeing place. There have been instances of Military troups "assisting" state police at (may i see your papers please) dui check points in several citys and countys. There has been military troups preforming "practice" weapons searches and one planned in Iowa, and 25 miles up the road from me Military troups from Ft Rucker were "assisting" local law inforcement during the tragic events in Samson Alabama.
all of these military involvments are absolutly illegal according to the Posse comotatis statutes. If you recall a few short months ago many citizens were asking why doesn' the president send the army to guard the southern boarder to protect us from the invasion of illegals from Mexico and we were told it was illegal to use military troups for any operations on American soil, If that has changed in some way, why and when and how.

At this point many of you are probably moaning "conspericy theory" well to that I say your absolutly right, but all I ask is, look beyond the 6:00 news and the news paper headlines,you owe it, if not to yourself then to your children and grand children to be informed. The founders of this once great country didn't jepordize their lives and all they worked for to have it thrown away by a people who prefer to stick their heads in the sand, not to mention your own sons, daughters, fathers , grandfathers and forefathers who either died or lived the rest of their lives, with the nightmares of terrable death and distruction in countless wars in nameless places to preserve the idea that was once America.

The main stream media will only cover the high spots and many are beholding to sponsers or polititions or corperations for their high saleries and sponsorships they are not going to jepordise those relationships to get to the bottom of our problem , again its not their fault you cant blame them their onlu playing by time honord rules we allowed to be put in place, we the American people have been the loosers in this game for many decades so I say its time to change the rules or find another game. There are countless internet sights dedicated to this end. Many are broadcast radio" truth" programs as they call themselves most are beating the drum of their own agenda ie. Nazis, white supremists, militias, "patriot" movements ect. but their are a few that have only the truth as their goal it up to you to find what is your truth try "Oraclebroadcast news" or "blacklisted news "as a start then as I say find your own truth. "the truth will set you free........ but first it will piss you off" (Gloria Stienham)

One last thing I want to personally thank the brave Military people and the police officers who have joined with others on the oath-takers site,(google oath-takers) and have put in jepordy their carriers, to back the American people and if they would be so kind as to accept me as a signitur to that oath as a navy vetran of the VN area I would humbly honored to do so.

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